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About AFG Research and Consulting

AFG Research and Consulting is a London-based company engaged in venture capital, private equity, and startups markets examination, monitoring and analysis.

AFG Research and Consulting provide Qualitative, Quantitative, and Strategy Research to Venture Capital companies. Our insights, data, and strategies offer an unparalleled advantage for making investment decisions of any complexity.

Every startup that is aimed to receive fundings is able to share its business plan. Then the AFG Research and Consulting team will consider it as well as the application form. The long-term growth potential of startups will be discovered as well as appealing prospects to grow with the finances of the company.

Why do you need Market Research?

For every successful venture company, a market survey is an important option. It shares actual data about whether the market for a particular startup is the best. They will also define other more opportunities for business. Here are some different reasons why AFG Research and Consulting can provide perfect statistical surveying: 

Define Opportunities

AFG Research and Consulting need to understand what they are getting from taking an early-age startup to investigate. Statistical surveying encourages them to decide if there is an opportunity to see an excellent return. It will let them know if the item or administration is directly for the market, and what is the perspective from it in ten years.


Statistical surveying encourages these agents to choose when to contribute. AFG Research and Consulting can build up a business strategy for startup growth, avoid investing in an inappropriate industry. 

Competitive Analysis

AFG Research and Consulting will review the competitive advantage to make sure a startup will be good enough for the market it is going to reach. An examination group can check the competition and report on market saturation.

Trend Tracking

Economic analysts can follow patterns that can upset businesses. One of these advanced disruptors is artificial intelligence (AI). Another advanced development that can disturb conventional funding is a digital currency. Computerized crowdfunding is the third disruptor. Economic scientists can give AFG Research and Consulting essential data on these patterns. The AFG Research and Consulting to would then be able to assemble techniques around them. 


When the region of US tech center points, funding has gone worldwide. London has the seventh-biggest portion of worldwide funding speculation. Beijing has the ninth-biggest. Other significant urban areas falling in the best twenty are Toronto, Shanghai, Mumbai, Paris, Bangalore, and Moscow. Bigger metros like London and Beijing have a bit of leeway because of their sheer size. In any case, the venture openings stay lopsided. Just a couple of significant urban areas outside the US share in the AFG Research and Consulting pie. 


Private companies like apparel stores and cafés once in a while fit the bill for investment. Their plans of action don't oblige fast development and extension. In any case, if a restaurant is attempting to venture into a super chain like Olive Garden, AFG Research and Consulting firms may be quick to contribute. AFG Research and Consulting firms can likewise give the specialized ability expected to fast extension.


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